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Hirst’s Warrior and the Bear (2015).


What Makes A Space

Christopher Knight addresses the news that the new plans for LACMA’s redesign may actually shrink the museum’s size by 10,000 square-feet, instead of expand it by 50,000 square feet, as originally planned. He writes, “I couldn’t name another art museum anywhere that has ever raised hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on reducing its collection space.” [Los Angeles Times]

Here’s a list of five unusual art spaces in Chicago, including a garage, a gazebo, and a bathroom.  [Chicago Mag]


Mercedes-Benz USA is suing four street artists whose murals appeared in a campaign from the car company. The lawsuit comes after the artists reportedly threatened a copyright infringement suit. [The Detroit News]

After 34 years at the American Folk Art Museum in New York, deputy director of curatorial affairs, chief curator, and director of exhibitions Stacy C. Hollander will step down at the end of June. [ARTnews]

A closer look into the New Museum’s union, how it came about, and how it ties into the history of unions in America at large as union membership expands rapidly. [Art In America]

According to an investigation conducted in Massachusetts, employees of art collector and Wynn Resorts founder Steve Wynn were part of a coverup to protect Wynn from sexual misconduct allegations.  [Wall Street Journal]

Damien Hirst’s Demon with Bowl (2014)has been installed at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, and there’s a $1 million “KAOS THEORY” party-package, which includes three nights in the artist’s “Empathy Suite.” [ARTnews ]


Filmmaker Boots Riley is slated to speak with Mickalene Thomas later this month at the Baltimore Museum of Art on the intersections of art, race, and social justice. Ahead of the talk, he stated, “just the fact that the art is in a museum… means that a lot of the community doesn’t go there.” [The Art Newspaper]

Art historian/critic Barbara Rose gabs about her marriage to Frank Stella (amongst three other husbands). Her final word in the marriage: “You can have the house and the art collection; I’ll take the children. Good-bye.” She laments, “Planning ahead, as I said, was not my forte.” [The Cut]

Take a look at some of the photos from Elia Alba’s new photobook, “Elia Alba: The Supper Club,” which is full of portraits of artists like Angel Otero, Hank Willis Thomas, and Chitra Ganesh. The twist: Alba shoots the artists in the style of mainstream celebrity magazines as she challenges and pokes fun at fashion photography. [New York Times]

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