Armed man takes hostages at UPS facility

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 1:43 PM PT — Monday, January 14, 2018

Two UPS workers are safely rescued after they were taken hostage at gunpoint at a facility in southern New Jersey.

Police were called to the Logan Township facility, just south of Philadelphia, Monday morning after an armed man entered the building and opened fire.

Once officers arrived at the scene, 32 workers were evacuated to a nearby Holiday Inn with the exception of two female employees, who were taken hostage by the gunman.

Officials respond to reports of an active shooter at a UPS facility in New Jersey. (AP/Photo)

Hostage negotiators began talking to the gunman by phone as he held the women in a barricaded room for nearly four-hours before officers opened fire at the suspect.

Officials said he was wounded in the shootout, and was quickly apprehended before being rushed to a nearby hospital.

“The extent of his injuries are unknown at this point in time, he’s been transported to hospital, both of the hostages have also been taken from the scene,” announced Gloucester County prosecutor Charles Fiore. “Apparently, there’s no serious injuries to either one of the hostages at this point in time so, again the matter has been resolved.”

While police are still searching for an exact motive, they believe one of the women taken hostage is the suspect’s ex-girlfriend.

UPS later released a statement, praising law enforcement for their quick response and announced support services will be provided to all employees impacted by the incident.

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