Bharara mulled recording President Trump, says decision came ahead of his firing

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 6:48 AM PT — Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A former U.S. attorney said he also thought about secretly recording President Trump. In an interview Tuesday, Preet Bharara elaborated on phone calls he had with the president roughly two years ago. The calls in question came around the time Bharara was fired in 2017, when he claimed he already had a certain level of mistrust in the president.

Despite never following through on the plan, Bharara said this gives credence to allegations made against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Pete Bharara was fired by President Trump in March, along with dozens of other federal prosecutors who had been appointed by the Obama administration. (AP/Photo)

The Justice Department has maintained Rosenstein was joking when he threatened to wear a wire around the president. However, Bharara isn’t buying that explanation.

“And I tend to believe that he (Rosenstein) was not joking, because there has been a certain kind of conduct that happens and when you’re use to someone, seeing someone tell untruths about what happens in a conversation and you care about your own integrity — I didn’t want anybody to say you had some side conversation with the President of the Untied States,” expalined Bharara.

After the Trump administration took over the White House, he and 46 other attorneys were fired after refusing to resign. Skeptics have said this likely fueled the latest outburst against the president.

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