Cecily Brown Donates Behemoth Painting to Louisiana Museum in Denmark -ARTnews

Cecily Brown, Where, When, How Often and with Whom?, 2017. Click to enlarge.


There are few things as exciting as watching an artist on a winning streak, and Cecily Brown is currently on a long one. At Gracie Manson, the mayor’s house in New York, the phenom has an alluring abstraction on aluminum on view; at the Metropolitan Opera in the city she has two action-packed paintings; and at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denmark, she’s the subject of an exhibition that—from a distance, via JPEG, at least—looks positively scintillating.

Now the Louisiana has revealed that Brown has decided to donate the painting that gave the show its title—the more-than-30-foot-long Where, When, How Often and with Whom? (2017)—to the institution, which is located a little more than 20 miles north of Copenhagen. The piece, which is divided across three panels, is a whirl of peaches, melbas, egg-yolk yellows, and grays, with apparently naked figures being swept up amid the storms of abstraction.

Brown, who is 50 this year, said that she wanted “to express my gratitude for the great cooperation I’ve had with the museum around the exhibition” in a statement to press, and noted that the work came out of the 2016 episode in which French police ordered a Muslim woman to remove some of her clothing while on a beach in Nice as a result of the nation’s burkini ban. “I was angry at the thought that women are being told what they can wear and not wear in the 21st century,” she said.

Louisiana’s director, Poul Erik Tøjner, for his part, termed the donation a “uniquely generous gesture,” and went on to say that “not only has Cecily Brown taken the public and reviewers here by storm; internationally too the exhibition has aroused attention.” The show runs through March 10.

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