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Installation view of “Cherdonna Shinatra: DITCH,” 2019, at the Frye Art Museum, Seattle.


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Today’s show: “Cherdonna Shinatra: DITCH” is on view at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle through Sunday, April 28. The solo exhibition presents an immersive installation with daily hour-long performances (Tuesday through Sunday) by the Seattle-based artist Jody Kuehner, under her alter ego Cherdonna Shinatra, and her newly formed dance company DONNA.

An excerpt from the exhibition’s website:

“DITCH” shines a light on Cherdonna’s varied expressions of femininity and complex personality, contrasting her charisma and constant need to please with the total fear and existential dread that ceaselessly plagues her. What happens when she can’t make everyone happy in the face of an oppressive existence? Is it better to stick it out or end it all? What about when she lets herself cross over into a state of abandon and resignation?

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