Democrat House candidate Valerie Plame explains 2017 anti-Semitic article

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UPDATED 8:33 AM PT — Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Democrat 2020 House candidate recently explained why she shared an anti-Semitic article on Twitter in back 2017.

During an interview with CNN Monday, ex-CIA operative and 2020 hopeful Valarie Plame said she didn’t know the article she shared was, in fact, anti-Semitic.

The article was titled: “America’s Jews are Driving America’s Wars.”

During the interview Plame said she had only focused on the part of the article that talked about the Iran Nuclear Deal, and did not read the parts that were anti-Semitic.

Valerie Plame became a national figure after her identity as a CIA operative was leaked by an official in President George W. Bush’s administration in 2003 in an effort to discredit her then-husband Joe Wilson. (AP/ Photo)

“I didn’t like it…the only thing that I focused on in that article was I thought it was a very bad idea to get out of the Iran nuclear deal, that’s very much what I was focused on,” she stated. “I stupidly did not read the rest of the article.”

This comes after Plame announced her 2020 candidacy for the New Mexico House last week.

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