Ecuador looks to tighten control over Venezuelan immigrants

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 9:53 AM PT — Monday, January 21, 2019

A community is coming together for an Ecuadorian woman who was slain by a Venezuelan immigrant. Hundreds of people gathered Sunday to honor the victim and asked the government to change their immigration policies.

According to police, a pregnant Ecuadorian woman named Diana Carolina was killed by her Venezuelan ex-boyfriend Saturday. He reportedly held her hostage on a busy street for about an hour before stabbing her to death.

FILE – Venezuelan migrants walk along the Ecuadorean highway. (Photo/Reuters)

Ecuador’s Interior Minister — Maria Paula Romo — recently spoke about the migration crisis. She said the government is creating a method to keep track of Venezuelans entering the country.

“The province’s level of migration also adds new conflicts to the area,” stated Minister Romo. “As you already know, President Moreno has announced that he has arranged for the foreign ministry to regulate a special permit of entry.”

Ecuador estimates around 1.3 million Venezuelans entered the country last year.

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