Grassley: Democrats are using IRS for political purposes, ‘Nixonian’ tactics

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UPDATED 7:10 AM PT — Friday, April 5, 2019

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is blasting House Democrats for trying to use the IRS for political purposes.

During a lengthy speech on Thursday, Grassley said Democrats “dislike President Trump with a passion,” and they want his tax returns to “destroy him.” He called their plan “Nixonian” at its core in reference to former President Richard Nixon misusing the agency.

Grassley went on to say Democrats have not offered any evidence, which would suggest the IRS hasn’t done its job auditing the president’s tax returns.

The Democrat-led House Ways and Means Committee formally requested six-years worth of the president’s filings on Wednesday.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Andrew Harnik/AP/Photo)

Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is accusing Democrats of “weaponizing” the IRS by seeking President Trump’s tax returns. During his weekly briefing Thursday, he questioned what lawmakers across the aisle think they can uncover that the Mueller team did not.  McCarrthy criticized Democrats for launching a politically-motivated attack against the president.

House Democrats are asking the IRS to comply with their request for the president’s financial documents by April 10, 2019. President Trump has said he’s unable to comply, because he remains under audit.

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