Honduran Border Police arrest organizer of new migrant caravan for warrant on rape charge

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UPDATED 7:06 AM PT — Wednesday, January 16, 2018

26-year-old Juan Carlos Molina, an organizers and promoter of the latest migrant caravan from Honduras, was arrested in San Pedro Sula in connection with an investigation into alleged rape. (Photo/police handout/www.elheraldo.hn)

The new migrant caravan from Honduras is off to a bad start after one of its leaders was arrested for having a rape warrant dating back to 2015.

Juan Molina, who was identified as one of the caravan’s main organizers, was reportedly caught at a national police checkpoint and taken into custody on Monday.

President Trump responded to the news of the latest migration effort by slamming Central American countries for doing nothing to stop the trend.

“Honduras is not helping us, they could stop it, we send them hundreds of millions of dollars a year — El Salvador, Honduras and other places…Guatemala — hundreds of millions, but they don’t help us like so many nations, we help them, they don’t help us,” he stated.

The president repeated his promise to tackle the issue of mass migration from Central America by cutting off funding to the countries that don’t take action to stop new caravans from forming.

U.S.-bound migrants walk past security forces who are stopping some vehicles carrying migrants to check their documents in Cofradia, Honduras, early Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019. Yet another caravan of Central American migrants set out overnight from Honduras, seeking to reach the U.S. border following the same route followed by thousands on at least three caravans last year. (AP Photo/Delmer Martinez)

Meanwhile, Border Patrol agents at the Yuma sector are remaining busy as nearly 30 undocumented migrants required medical attention over the weekend.

In a statement Monday, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) said migrants who became ill or injured during the journey from Mexico to the U.S. sought treatment in Arizona. Officials cited treatment cases for serious infections, heart attacks, fevers, and even gunshot wounds.

CBP’s commissioner added, the agency is facing an “unprecedented crisis” that is putting “vulnerable populations” at risk. This comes following the recent death of two migrant children, who died while in Border Patrol custody.

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