House Homeland Security chair says he won’t rule out walls in certain areas

OAN Newsroom
4:35 PM PT – Sun. January 20, 2019

Bennie Thompson (D-MISS.) official photo

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee says he “would not rule out a wall” that the President wants.

In an interview on Sunday, democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson broke with his party, saying he would only support a physical barrier under certain circumstances.

Chairman Thompson also stated it is not true that we cannot have barriers at the border.

Directing remarks to President Trump in his interview, Thompson stated “ the President, as the chair of the Homeland Security, [Committee] I’m saying we’ll sit down and talk about the situations, and we’ll work through it.”

He also said democrats are for border security but they’re not for constantly moving the ball as a talking point.

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