Iranian lawmakers chant ‘death to America’ before Parliament opens

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UPDATED 9:09 AM — Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Iranian lawmakers were recently seen chanting “death to America” before convening for parliament.

The lawmakers were dressed in paramilitary uniforms Tuesday, in solidarity with the country’s Revolutionary Guard in the wake of the U.S. labeling it a terrorist organization.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani slammed the move as an “illegal act” prompted by Tehran’s growing power on the world stage. In retaliation, he declared U.S. Central Command a terrorist organization, and the U.S. as a state sponsor of terrorism.

“Americans and those who are part of the global arrogance want to avenge their defeats and failures by labeling as ‘terrorist” a group whose actions and endeavors have always been focused on fighting terrorists,” stated Rouhani. “No one in this world, no country on earth can claim that it has suffered more from terrorism than Iran.”

Wearing the uniform of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, lawmakers chant slogans during an open session of parliament in Tehran, Iran, Tuesday, April 9, 2019. Chanting “Death to America,” Iranian lawmakers convened an open session of parliament Tuesday following the White House’s decision to designate Iran’s elite paramilitary Revolutionary Guard a foreign terrorist organization. (AP Photo/Hamidreza Rahel/ICANA)

The Trump administration’s decision was met with support from nearby Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked President Trump for the designation. In a tweet Monday, the prime minister praised the decision by saying “once again, the president is keeping the world safe from Iran’s aggression.”

Years before this decision, the U.S. blacklisted dozens of individuals and entities associated with the guard.

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