KY. Democrat congressman breaks with party on southern border wall

OAN Newsroom
8:00 PM PT – Sun. January 6, 2019

A democrat congressman breaks with his party regarding building a southern border wall.

In a recent interview on Hill TV, Representative John Yarmuth said democrats were “willing” to come to the table to discuss funding for border security.

Yarmuth referenced the 2017 Omnibus spending bill, where the issue of DACA recipients would have been addressed.

This comes amid negotiations between the Trump Administration and congress, where democrat leaders say they’re still not planning to budge when it comes to border wall funding.

In his interview, the representative called the concrete wall plan first proposed by President Trump “semantics,” and mentions his party was ready to spend $25-billion on border security just over a year ago.

The pundit went on to discuss his talks with several top border patrol and ICE officials, saying all of them unequivocally agreed a wall is necessary and effective, which he agreed with.

It’s still unclear how long the government will remain shut down as negotiations toward a compromise continue.

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