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Dice, 9th–10th century, excavated from Iran.



“In a move museum leadership is calling unprecedented, the Art Institute of Chicago has postponed a major exhibition weeks before its opening because of concerns over insufficient inclusion of the voices of indigenous peoples in the presentation.” The show was to have focused on pottery from around the year 1100 in what is now New Mexico. The Art Institute’s director said, “The principal thing that we have not accomplished is to have an aligned indigenous perspective, scholarly and curatorial, with the project.” [The Chicago Tribune]

“Sitting on the smooth bamboo floors of ‘The Wonder Room,’ an interpretation of a Chinese teahouse-cum–sound bath created by the architecture collective MINAX, I was faced with one of the great choices of our time: to selfie or not to selfie.” So begins a story about an “Art in Resonance” exhibit at the Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel. [The Cut]

Watch artists Maren Hassinger, Shaun Leonardo, Mickalene Thomas, Jacolby Satterwhite, and Elia Alba respond to AfriCOBRA cofounder Jeff Donaldson in a video presented by ARTnews and the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art. [ARTnews]


A New York Times report dug deep into recent lawsuits charting alleged moves made by the Sackler family to capitalize on drugs developed to help combat the opioid epidemic centered on OxyContin. [The New York Times]

A judge ruled that a state law in Oklahoma is too restrictive in its requirements for identifying art as Native American. Federal law requires that art of the kind have roots in tribes recognized at the state level, whereas the Oklahoma law stipulates that tribes must be federally recognized to qualify. [The San Francisco Chronicle]

The Art Newspaper asks: “Why is the British Museum still accepting tobacco sponsorship?” [The Art Newspaper]

The Observer published the second edition of its Arts Power 50 list, with a focus on people “working to strengthen the impact, reach, social responsibility, or financial stability of a field that is seemingly in a constant state of flux.” [Observer]


The Paris Review has a consideration of the storied writer and art critic John Rushkin’s essay “The Storm-Cloud of the Nineteenth Century,” in which thoughts of art and weather commune. [The Paris Review]

Here’s an interview with artist and filmmaker Harmony Korine after the premiere of his new movie The Beach Bum. [The Metrograph]


The enduringly enigmatic art-rock band Black Dice is the subject of an oral history of their weird and violent early years. [Know-Wave]

David Byrne made a playlist of Nigerian fuji music from the 1980s. [David Byrne]

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