Mueller points out Manafort’s lies and plea deal violations in court filing

OAN Newsroom
8:03 PM PT — Tuesday, January 15, 2018

The special counsel files evidence outlining why he believes Paul Manafort violated his plea agreement.

In a heavily redacted filing on Tuesday, Robert Mueller laid-out a series of lies told by Manafort.

The falsehoods are in regard to payments, finances, and contacts with his business associate, Konstantin Kilimnik, who the special counsel has recently taken an interest.

Last week, Manafort’s team accidentally revealed key information in a court filing showing he shared sensitive information with the Russian entrepreneur.

Ranking Senate Intelligence Committee member Mark Warner questioned why the former-manager of the Trump 2016 Campaign would offer Kilimnik “secret proprietary polling data.”

Manafort’s lawyers have responded to the allegations saying any incorrect statements were inadvertent.

They also claim Manafort has given the government valuable information that should be taken into consideration.

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