New York’s Denny Dimin Gallery Moves to New Space in Tribeca -ARTnews

Elizabeth Denny and Robert Dimin.


Denny Dimin Gallery, located on New York’s Lower East Side since 2013, is moving to a new space in Tribeca this spring. The new site, at 39 Lispenard St., will be down the street from Andrew Kreps Gallery and a new location for the fellow LES gallery Canada.

“It’s been really scary and sad in the Lower East Side for the past couple of years,” Robert Dimin told ARTnews. “Everyone’s either leaving or closing. Although we’ve had some slow moments, the gallery is only six years old and we’ve had growth every year pretty much. We just need to grow in a larger space.”

The new 1,000-square-foot storefront space is nearly double the size of the Denny Dimin’s current location. “Like many of the galleries who have recently announced their moves to the area, the quality of the spaces—ours has soaring 15-foot ceilings—and Tribeca’s central location drew us to the neighborhood,” said Elizabeth Denny.

Dimin added, “We can’t sustain the needs that are being placed on us by our artists and clients in the size space we have here. And the market just seems right.”

The gallery will open this spring, on a date not yet determined, with the first solo show in New York by Ann Shelton, a New Zealand-based photographer who takes stylized pictures of ikebana-style flower arrangements.

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