Touring the Venice Biennale, Part 2: The Giardini -ARTnews

Outside the United States pavilion: Martin Puryear’s Swallowed Sun (Monstrance and Volute).

Ralph Rugoff has termed the Arsenale section of his Venice Biennale exhibition “Proposition A.” The portion of “May You Live in Interesting Times” in the Giardini’s Central Pavilion is “Proposition B,” and it includes the same artists, who in most cases are showing different kinds of work. (One example: Nicole Eisenman goes with sculptures in A and paintings in B.) In sharp contrast to the Arsenale, the Giardini is jam-packed and sports some highly unusual groupings. But let’s not speak of that now: it’s only the second day of the Biennale—too soon to file a review. There’s much more to see.

Below, a look around the Giardini, from Rugoff’s roughly 80-artist show to many of the national pavilions, which include Brazil, Belgium, the United States, Canada, Austria, and many more. A note: if no nation is mentioned, the work is in the main show in the Central Pavilion. (And here’s Part 1, from the Arsenale.)

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